Graduating in 5…4…3……


Ok, more like 16 days but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! The past week as I’ve ventured from class to class… presentation here, paper there; It has started to hit me that literally from this moment… in 3 days I will never step foot in these buildings again. As teachers congratulate me and say, “Ill see you at graduation”, the butterflies go for a spin and ill admit.. I almost had to fight back a tear the other day. As ready as I am to be done and begin the next chapter of my life the little girl inside of me is screaming “WHOA hang on come back world!!”. Seems just yesterday I would be done with classes by noon and spend all afternoon at the farm. At nights I was hitting the gym with Zumba, pilates, and weight lifting. As it seems now…. those were some of the best and most missed days of my life, but I know this will change. As I sit here now I spend all day in class, I haven’t seen my horses in a week, and the gym and me have officially filed for divorce.

This is a time for excitement, however, I am probably more nervous than ever. Between taking a step in the real world and beginning a marriage with my beloved fiancee, there are a lot more question marks than periods. BUT I am excited for the newfound opportunities to begin riding again, go camping, explore, take pictures, and share my journeys.


So for now, I’m off to finish this final paper and study… although I’ve got to say… the senioritis is real. Until next time.


graduation cap and gown