Meet the boys!

Meet the two boys who can dump me on the ground but never break my heart!


Mehmet – ’97 Thoroughbred

Mehmet is the first horse I have ever owned. He was quite unexperienced when we met (and so was I) but through blood, sweat, tears, and hospital trips we became quite the duo. We started out crashing through x-rails at Harmon Field in Tryon, NC; however, before I left for Clemson we had a very successful year scoring in the 70’s at First level Dressage, completing our first true Show Jumping rounds, and winning our Eventing debut at Beginner Novice. Currently he enjoys the semi-retired life out in pasture bossing around HIS mares. Meet Mehmet!

Leap off Bank


Forever a Goob!

Ruff lil Rascall AKA: Mojo ’98 Quarter Horse

During my High School years, my parents encouraged me to try western. Now just imagine me… a poised and perfected dressage rider… riding in the middle of the night with no lights, kids running around screaming and tipping over porte-potties, music BLARING, and a qruella horse who was loosing it as much as I was. It was terrifying and exhilarating… and later on addicting! I fell in love with everything the western world had to offer and saw a huge confidence boost in my English riding as well. In my senior year of High School Rodeo, we came across this guy in Georgia and when we saw that my hair matched his… well of course we had to get him! I fell in love with his chestnut stubbornness as his personality became a true reflection of my own! He took me to State Finals that year and we had several placings before I left for Clemson. I am beyond anxious to get him back out and see if the old man still has it in him! Currently he is my mount for the Anderson County Sheriffs Office Mounted Search and Rescue. He may be stubborn but he also has the safest mind and confidence through any obstacle that has led us to do very well on the team. Meet Mojo!

Perry, Ga Rodeo

Mounted Search & Rescue

Handsome Shmuck!

I unfortunately have not gotten to ride as much as I had hoped over the past few years at school so I definantly plan on making up for lost time! I often make videos of our adventures together so keep an eye on my youtube!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: My Best Friend

Snoozing Remi

Such a good listener…

Of all the “professional” pictures I’ve taken of my fur babies, this one is still one of my favorites. A hasty picture from my old iPhone heading down the Interstate. I was chit-chatting away about college and life and I look over and this is what I see. Obviously he means for me to worry less and take more naps!

“One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you’re feeling blue is that he doesn’t try to find out why.” ~Unknown

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