For the past 6 years my weight has played a huge role in my life.

2012 – I was in the best shape of my life. I had started college was regularly spending hours in the gym, riding horses for hours, swing dancing with my boyfriend (now husband). I ran a zombie run, a mud run, and was regularly doing pilates, Zumba, and weight lifting. At my lowest I was 163 so I could still loose some but I do have a larger frame so this was a decent weight for me.

2014/15 – Fast forward through a few relationship problems, transferring to Clemson, putting riding on the back-burner, developing unhealthy eating habits, and a more hectic school schedule; I slowly gained weight up to around 230 lbs. I hated how I looked but nothing really ever registered that “Hey! I need to lose weight”. A family member was pursuing a plant-based diet and it sounded like a neat thing so for no particular reason I embarked on that journey. I did lose 30 lbs but also struggled eating in social situations and developed health problems that I believe were associated with the imbalance of nutrients. I changed up my diet to sort of a whole foods approach with no strict rules and maintained my 200 lb weight. Shortly after I was engaged to my boyfriend of 4 years and operation #WeddingBod was underway.

2017 – I embraced a strict paleo diet 2 months before the wedding to make sure I fit in the wedding dress I picked out and…. it worked! The wedding was gorgeous and I felt great. I did not workout much during this time just followed my strict diet. Over the honeymoon I ate 50/50 paleo and whatever I wanted. When I came back I went back paleo again and dropped the honeymoon weight. I then began a new job… and with the new job developed bad eating/exercise habits. As a Park Ranger we all ate healthy diets and regularly hiked up to 6 miles a day doing trail work. With the new job the physical labor is nowhere near what I was used to and my diet went to cheeseburgers and french fries (Because I wanted to fit in I let everyone else influence me… how stupid!) Well its no surprise between our wedding in May to December I gained all the way back to 230 lbs and still going up.



2018 – Ive spent the past 4 months bouncing between ideas (more like 438263 failed attempts). With my current lifestyle non of the “fad-diets” really fit and just make things more stressful. I have decided to make small adjustments to my diet and lifestyle to find the most sustainable and healthiest plan for me to take. I have also decided to create a section in my blog for this so I can look back on my journey when I need encouragement or maybe it will help someone out there who just can’t follow a “fad-diet” or a popular you-tuber who’s reality is in our dreams. I plan to make a post around the first of every month with progress and updates.


First time mounted shooting


Won a check at our first competition!



I want to lose the weight to feel more comfortable with my riding, to be able to handle the terrain at work for hikes and fire training, to love my clothes again and to see the girl in the mirror that I feel. I am using this section of my blog to hold myself accountable and record every step of the way. I want to look back at this post in a year and think, “Man, I’m so glad I did this!”. I will try to monitor my success in various ways: How I feel overall, how clothes fit, how my performance changes, and weigh-ins.

So as of today, I have signed up for Planet Fitness as going to a gym really sets me up for healthy decisions and I try to make healthy eating choices and tweak things as I go. If anyone has been to Planet Fitness they know the Hydro-Massage is #HeavenOnEarth so that is my motivation to push through each workout. On Days I don’t go to the gym I am at the farm enjoying time with my 1200 lb. 4 legged boys (Who need a workout program too with all this green grass!).

Current stats as of May 1st.


Current weight: 241.8

Goal weight: 160ish

So Till next month,


“The first step to getting anywhere, is deciding you’re not willing to stay where you are.”


Meet the boys!

Meet the two boys who can dump me on the ground but never break my heart!


Mehmet – ’97 Thoroughbred

Mehmet is the first horse I have ever owned. He was quite unexperienced when we met (and so was I) but through blood, sweat, tears, and hospital trips we became quite the duo. We started out crashing through x-rails at Harmon Field in Tryon, NC; however, before I left for Clemson we had a very successful year scoring in the 70’s at First level Dressage, completing our first true Show Jumping rounds, and winning our Eventing debut at Beginner Novice. Currently he enjoys the semi-retired life out in pasture bossing around HIS mares. Meet Mehmet!

Leap off Bank


Forever a Goob!

Ruff lil Rascall AKA: Mojo ’98 Quarter Horse

During my High School years, my parents encouraged me to try western. Now just imagine me… a poised and perfected dressage rider… riding in the middle of the night with no lights, kids running around screaming and tipping over porte-potties, music BLARING, and a qruella horse who was loosing it as much as I was. It was terrifying and exhilarating… and later on addicting! I fell in love with everything the western world had to offer and saw a huge confidence boost in my English riding as well. In my senior year of High School Rodeo, we came across this guy in Georgia and when we saw that my hair matched his… well of course we had to get him! I fell in love with his chestnut stubbornness as his personality became a true reflection of my own! He took me to State Finals that year and we had several placings before I left for Clemson. I am beyond anxious to get him back out and see if the old man still has it in him! Currently he is my mount for the Anderson County Sheriffs Office Mounted Search and Rescue. He may be stubborn but he also has the safest mind and confidence through any obstacle that has led us to do very well on the team. Meet Mojo!

Perry, Ga Rodeo

Mounted Search & Rescue

Handsome Shmuck!

I unfortunately have not gotten to ride as much as I had hoped over the past few years at school so I definantly plan on making up for lost time! I often make videos of our adventures together so keep an eye on my youtube!

Until next time,


Weekly Photo Challenge: My Best Friend

Snoozing Remi

Such a good listener…

Of all the “professional” pictures I’ve taken of my fur babies, this one is still one of my favorites. A hasty picture from my old iPhone heading down the Interstate. I was chit-chatting away about college and life and I look over and this is what I see. Obviously he means for me to worry less and take more naps!

“One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you’re feeling blue is that he doesn’t try to find out why.” ~Unknown

For information on these weekly challenges check out this awesome blog by Jen!



Operation Mr. and Mrs. Agnew ~5-20-17~

Good morning!

First selfie as husband and wife!

Two weeks ago I said, “I Do” to my best friend and now my lifelong partner in crime. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and the honeymoon was just the perfect and rewarding getaway! Time has flown way too fast… seemed like just last week I was complaining about school saying that I couldn’t wait for it to be over and be married and get on with our life together.

The wedding was at a private cabin on the Saluda River and with our closest friends and family. My mother really outdid herself… Pintrest would be proud! I could spend days writing of all the details but I’m hoping our wedding pictures will tell the story for us. As of now, all I have is a sneak peak and probably one of the most treasured moments I will hold of our wedding. Our first dance was “Then” by Brad Paisley and truthfully, I was so overwhelmed with emotion I don’t think I even remember hearing the song playing.

First Dance

First Dance: “Then” – Brad Paisley

That night we drove up to Pigeon’s Forge Tennessee for our week long honeymoon and celebration of finally being done with school. The cabin was absolutely gorgeous… I defiantly have cabin fever now! (Like seriously I’m trying to figure out ways to live in a cabin and not go broke). We had the whole nine yards… Pool table, grill, hot tub, jacuzzi, king sized bed (The was so tall I had to jump to get in) open rafters, and best of all… PRIVATE! After living in one of the biggest (and by biggest I mean obnoxiously loud) college towns… the peace and quite was just amazing! Sipping on hot coffee and eating eggs and bacon every morning looking at this view… I mean who on earth would choose a city view over this!?!

Backproch view

Back-porch view from the cabin

We spent the week doing as much as we possibly could… Dollywood, miniature golf, Forbidden Caverns, Hatfield and McCoy’s dinner show, tons of window shopping, and of course every night was spent on the back porch siting in the hot tub just taking every bit in.

Dollywood Train

Dollywood Express

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle @ Dollywood


Every new husband ends up in a coffin on their honeymoon… right?

Forbidden Caverns

Forbidden Caverns

Us in cave

We finally found a nice couple who would take our picture for us!

Nothing Happened

This sign though…

Sunset and clouds

Probably one of the coolest shots I got. Good ol Smokey Mountains!

Needless to say the trip was amazing. I can’t wait to go back. I think the thing I was looking forward to the most was the chair lift in Gatlinburg as my parents rode it during their honeymoon. However the Gatlinburg fire in 2016 burnt down the top terminal and put it out of operation. During our day trip up to Gatlinburg we stopped by to see the progress and saw a sign saying they planned to open the 26th if all goes well… the day we were leaving! My new husband made it a point to make sure we made it back the next day and sure enough it was operating!

Chair lift

On our way up the mountain. Notice the burnt hilltop and missing terminal. Due to this you can only make a continuous ride up and down. They project by Spring 2018 they will have the top terminal rebuilt.


chair lift view

I’m so glad we were able to see the best view in Gatlinburg. You can still see some of the burnt ridges but the town is completely intact.

Of course any good road trip has to have at least ONE thing go wrong… in my case it was karma. See…. mom let me borrow her car because:

1. It gets way better gas mileage than my truck

2. I’m pretty sure my truck would not have made it up some of those hills….

3. It has a freakin awesome sound system (I’m talking 12s in the back seat)

4. Um sun roof… hello… (of course it rained the whole time…)

Soooooo naturally I had to giver her a bit of a scare. I went online and found a dented up version of her car and texted her with a whoops… Well long story short she actually believed me… only to found out we punkd her.

But of course no bad deed goes unpunished…

As we set out to make the drive back down the mountain, I drove over an invisible pothole… meaning I heard the “thump thump” but saw nothing in the rearview and just wrote it off as “I can’t see anything in this damn tiny car…”. A few minutes later the tire pressure warning flashes… well I’m used to my whole dashboard being lit up with warnings all the time and my truck still runs just fine, so I put a note to check on it when we stopped for gas. So we start hitting some curves… and something feels… off. I suddenly don’t have the grip I normally do. As we change from black asphalt to a sort of porous concrete the tires suddenly start making a noise of something is defiantly not right….  so I pull over just in time to hear the rim hit the pavement and loose grip. I hop out and sure enough… not just a flat tire but flatter than a piece of paper flat. Haha laugh it up…. we change the tire into a donut and boy it was a rough drive down the rest of the hill. I sure learned my lesson… or not.

Flat tire

Hubby changing my tire!!


Now that we’ve returned home we have began our search for jobs and homes to begin our new lives as a married couple. With school finished we have had more time together and with family… although it is such a strange feeling to come home with no assignments or upcoming tests to study for. Like free time??? What is this free time?!

I hope with this newly found free time, I will be able to update my blog more… or maybe I’ll start a vlog… who knows! But I plan on doing a lot of riding to make up for lost time, traveling with my new husband, and just enjoying life.

Until Next time…

Mrs. Agnew 

Graduating in 5…4…3……


Ok, more like 16 days but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! The past week as I’ve ventured from class to class… presentation here, paper there; It has started to hit me that literally from this moment… in 3 days I will never step foot in these buildings again. As teachers congratulate me and say, “Ill see you at graduation”, the butterflies go for a spin and ill admit.. I almost had to fight back a tear the other day. As ready as I am to be done and begin the next chapter of my life the little girl inside of me is screaming “WHOA hang on come back world!!”. Seems just yesterday I would be done with classes by noon and spend all afternoon at the farm. At nights I was hitting the gym with Zumba, pilates, and weight lifting. As it seems now…. those were some of the best and most missed days of my life, but I know this will change. As I sit here now I spend all day in class, I haven’t seen my horses in a week, and the gym and me have officially filed for divorce.

This is a time for excitement, however, I am probably more nervous than ever. Between taking a step in the real world and beginning a marriage with my beloved fiancee, there are a lot more question marks than periods. BUT I am excited for the newfound opportunities to begin riding again, go camping, explore, take pictures, and share my journeys.


So for now, I’m off to finish this final paper and study… although I’ve got to say… the senioritis is real. Until next time.


graduation cap and gown

Drop the pine cone… Do it now!


Middle Saluda River which runs through the middle of Jones Gap State Park 

I have recently begun a job as an Assistant Park Ranger for SC Jones Gap State Park… and I LOVE it!!! It is one step closer to the job of my dreams and so far it has been a wonderful experience. What I also found so fascinating (and almost a coincidence) was that most of the rangers are either vegetarian or vegan! We always exchange ideas about healthier eating, diy natural products, etc. Let me tell you… God intended on me being here!

It has taken me a while to decide on what I want my blog to be about (not to mention the time it takes to produce a post!), but I will do a series of food “reviews” since mainly I am looking up recipes from fellow bloggers and natural products I use and support. I tend to tweak things such as less salt, no oil, and simplifying them since I am still a noob at this world of alternate food! I had hoped to start earlier and record my experiences throughout my vegan change and trials of using natural products but its never too late to start! I am also getting into hiking/backpacking/camping so I will also begin a post series about my adventures there! Be looking forward to a post once a week!


Until then, enjoy some more awesome photos of the gorgeous place I can call work!


Newt ~ Oil Camp Creek Road

Pinnacle Pass

Mountain featuring the Pinnacle Pass/Rim of the Gap trail… dubbed possibly one of the hardest hikes in SC!

park ranger

This is 100% accurate….

Until next time…



Ok I’m done….


From the Dog’s mouth…


Why hello there, my name is Remington (Remi for short)! I am Shady’s partner in crime, right-hand man, peanut butter to her jelly, a listener (although I tend to fall asleep :/), and emotional support through college! I am almost 1.8 months in this picture and I have been with my mom since 5 weeks old! After being abandoned and thrown out of a moving vehicle, I was rescued and nursed back to health. I am a lab beagle mix… so I am scared of water and howl at everything… makes sense right?! But thats not important! What IS important is that I am cool enough to have my own section on Mom’s blog! So here’s to the first of many posts about my adventures…


Hiking is hard! (Jones Gap State Park)

We have recently started going on hikes several days a week. Today we went to Keowee-Toxaway State park and hiked the Raven Rock loop, a 4.4 mile hike. It whooped both of our butts but definitely worth the views! Our goal is to eventually do long distance hikes… mom keeps talking about getting me my own pack and equipment and everything; I don’t know how I feel about carrying all that… For now though we will keep with short hikes close to home, after all there are so many trails to explore, leaves to eat, water to splash (once I’m convinced it won’t hurt me), and and smells to smell!

So keep checking back to my page for more stories, tips, and pictures!

Don’t forget to lick your owner… they love to know how much you appreciate them!!


dog paw

Even fish need a clean home, don’t you?


I’m currently sitting here at the island in my kitchen, where I tend to do the majority of my school work, watching my fish swim in circles because that is so much more entertaining than diving into wildlife and fisheries policy lectures. Although I’m kicking myself for two things:

  1. I should have began studying for this exam way sooner than this week.
  2. I really need to start cleaning my beta’s fish tank more often…

He is hunkered down in the corner staring at his stagnant disgusting water… between helping take care of a new (sick) puppy as well as my own dog and trying to keep on top of school work this busy semester, he normally just gets thrown food twice a day and ignored. I decided to take a break and clean the poor guys tank and in the process noticed he had gone from brilliant blue to a grey/white/red color. I had also noticed that he had stopped making his little bubble nests. I became worried; and a fish is a fish I mean what all can you really do? But I couldn’t take one more thing going wrong this week so I proceeded to clean his tank, put fresh water and conditioner in it then once it was ready let him slip back into his fresh clean home. It is now an hour later and he is happily swimming around and would you believe it he is right back to his brilliant beautiful blue!!

So now I am left here… still procrastinating… thinking… (2 words that can be very dangerous to me!)

I have begun to realize over the past 6 months that life can be very sensitive. Mother nature had this combination of life and health figured out, not just surviving… but thriving. When the world discovered cheaper, easier, and “better” ways to mimic mother nature, we fell into this pit of unhealthy, diseased, and medicinally reliant living… just to survive! Being a doctor is one of the highest paying jobs in America… the pharmaceutical companies make billions… animals are taken for granted and mass produced in unhealthy and unnatural ways to make a profit…crops are genetically modified to make a “better” crop for a better profit, who cares if it makes people sick… get the gist? Ive determined that it comes down to just a few stereotypes if you will.

  • Those who just simply don’t care about the side effects of their product and are greedy for money.
  • Those who think they are doing the better thing but lack the knowledge.
  • Those who just don’t care or don’t want to bother with it in general.
  • Those who want to do something, but don’t know what.

After talking to my lovely mother and doing some research of my own I decided to take my health into my own hands. I discovered I was lactose intolerant… so bye bye dairy. In all my research after seeing the way animals were treated just so I could have a convenient easy meal, and what they had to do to produce the way they did I decided to go one step further and cut out meat (I already didn’t like any meat except for steaks and fish anyways). I did it cold turkey.. I guess that is my personality. If I’m gonna do something by golly go big or go home, 100% or nothing at all! It was surprisingly not hard after I made that mental decision of “I want this” and “this is why…”. Besides having to relearn everything about food as I knew it and going though a major detox for a week or so (imagine PMS times 10…) it was just as if my body was saying thank you… you are finally listening! I still get tempted and I still give in time to time but my body reminds me by sending some rather… unpleasant and smelly symptoms of my slip up!

I will write more about my first details of the switch as time goes on because this would quickly turn into a book if I continued about my initial experiences!

I am now a vegan (loosely using that term for several reasons). I am slowly transitioning to using all natural products including herbal cures for ailments instead of relying on medicine. I am also now looking into feeding my dogs a raw diet (I mean when is the last time you saw a wolf knock at your front door and ask for kibble??).

I hope this blog will help someone who has questions about switching diets and beginning the journey of discovery for ultimate health!

“Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ~ Hippocrates 



{I’m not here to condone anyone, it is not my job and I simply will not concern myself with what you are doing… in other words: I DON’T CARE, but I wish for your best health (: ! So what I am here for and why I have started this blog was to share my experiences for those who are curious and want to learn. Wether you follow everything I do or you just take one thing or heck nothing at all, does not matter to me! I also am not a doctor, nutritionist, health guru, wise elder, or have knowledge of all wisdom so I am not telling you to do what I do! Every person is different so please pay attention to your own health and body to tell you what you need! I am only here to share my experiences! I love constructive criticism.. I am still learning and I enjoy hearing advice and experiences to become more knowledgeable. So don’t waste time leaving negative comments because you will only be wasting your own time. After all, haters gonna hate and potatoes are gonna potate and obviously I’m with the potatoes…}