Drop the pine cone… Do it now!


Middle Saluda River which runs through the middle of Jones Gap State ParkĀ 

I have recently begun a job as an Assistant Park Ranger for SC Jones Gap State Park… and I LOVE it!!! It is one step closer to the job of my dreams and so far it has been a wonderful experience. What I also found so fascinating (and almost a coincidence) was that most of the rangers are either vegetarian or vegan! We always exchange ideas about healthier eating, diy natural products, etc. Let me tell you… God intended on me being here!

It has taken me a while to decide on what I want my blog to be about (not to mention the time it takes to produce a post!), but I will do a series of food “reviews” since mainly I am looking up recipes from fellow bloggers and natural products I use and support. I tend to tweak things such as less salt, no oil, and simplifying them since I am still a noob at this world of alternate food! I had hoped to start earlier and record my experiences throughout my vegan change and trials of using natural products but its never too late to start! I am also getting into hiking/backpacking/camping so I will also begin a post series about my adventures there! Be looking forward to a post once a week!


Until then, enjoy some more awesome photos of the gorgeous place I can call work!


Newt ~ Oil Camp Creek Road

Pinnacle Pass

Mountain featuring the Pinnacle Pass/Rim of the Gap trail… dubbed possibly one of the hardest hikes in SC!

park ranger

This is 100% accurate….

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