From the Dog’s mouth…


Why hello there, my name is Remington (Remi for short)! I am Shady’s partner in crime, right-hand man, peanut butter to her jelly, a listener (although I tend to fall asleep :/), and emotional support through college! I am almost 1.8 months in this picture and I have been with my mom since 5 weeks old! After being abandoned and thrown out of a moving vehicle, I was rescued and nursed back to health. I am a lab beagle mix… so I am scared of water and howl at everything… makes sense right?! But thats not important! What IS important is that I am cool enough to have my own section on Mom’s blog! So here’s to the first of many posts about my adventures…


Hiking is hard! (Jones Gap State Park)

We have recently started going on hikes several days a week. Today we went to Keowee-Toxaway State park and hiked the Raven Rock loop, a 4.4 mile hike. It whooped both of our butts but definitely worth the views! Our goal is to eventually do long distance hikes… mom keeps talking about getting me my own pack and equipment and everything; I don’t know how I feel about carrying all that… For now though we will keep with short hikes close to home, after all there are so many trails to explore, leaves to eat, water to splash (once I’m convinced it won’t hurt me), and and smells to smell!

So keep checking back to my page for more stories, tips, and pictures!

Don’t forget to lick your owner… they love to know how much you appreciate them!!


dog paw


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